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AHTFAL children’s menu

‡ = Local Meat
◊ = Vegetarian
◊◊ = Vegan

Children 12 and under, please

Children’s meals below come with a choice of side: french fries, rice, or hummus & pita.
Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have special children’s menu requests.

  • Grilled Cheese Pita ◊

    American cheese in a tossed pita served with steak fries or hummus.

  • GrilledCheesePita
  • FalafelAndHummus
  • Falafel and Hummus ◊◊

    2 pieces of falafel served with a small portion of hummus and warm pita.

  • Chicken and Rice ‡

    Small chunks of grilled chicken with rice, peas and cilantro of french fries.

  • TawookPlatter_Rice

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Menu and prices are subject to change.