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Meet Mooney

Mooney1Mooney’s philosophy of quality is simple: if you purchase and prepare only the freshest, highest-quality, locally-sourced food your customers will come back again and again.  The concept of Mooney’s begins with quality and integrity and is firmly rooted in the culinary traditions that Mooney has cherished all of his life.  Mooney’s love of food began with literal baby steps, as a toddler at his mother’s feet as she prepared traditional Lebanese meals for the family.  When not at home in the kitchen, he spent his free time in his father’s restaurant, reveling in the sights, sounds, smells, conversations, and energy of that space.  Growing up in the kitchen, he developed a refined awareness of the rich flavors used in Mediterranean cuisine and used his keen sense of smell to experiment and perfect his recipes.

Mooney became enamored of life in a restaurant and held his father to be his role model. Coming from a modest beginning with no formal education and speaking English as a second language, his father overcame many limitations to build a successful, reputable business and to provide a good life for his family.  His father’s life’s work made a deep impact on Mooney — today, his tattoo of his father serves as a constant reminder of the fortitude and character required to nurture the type of restaurant that he can take pride in.

In 2007, Mooney was working at an unfulfilling job in corporate restaurant world in Washington D.C. He knew in his heart that he wanted more from his job — he yearned for the days of his childhood, working with his father to pour his passion into creating a truly great restaurant experience. It was when he took a trip to Winston-Salem later that year to visit friends from his alma mater, Guilford College, that he heard about the available restaurant space in the historic O’Hanlon building in the heart of downtown Winston-Salem.  When he went to tour the space, he realized how much work would be required to renovate it, but it was love at first sight.

Since its opening in 2009 authentic Lebanese flavors and a great customer experience have been the driving goal behind Mooney’s Mediterranean Café.  The pride and passion taken in crafting this experience is immediately evident as you walk through the door.  Mooney’s is an experience meant to be shared.  Breathe in the rich aromas from the kitchen, explore something exotic from the menu, chat with Mooney, connect with friends and family, and bask in the colorful energy all around you on one of the most vibrant street corners in Winston-Salem.