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Lunch Menu

The Café’s menu gracefully aims to accommodate diverse appetites with plenty of enticing dishes for those seeking something traditional, and for those unfamiliar with Lebanese cuisine eager to explore something new. For something innovative, try The Jezebel—created by Mooney himself—with marinated and grilled Lebanese tawook, melted swiss cheese, sriracha hot sauce, and cole slaw, all on a lightly toasted pita. It is delicious! Mooney’s burgers offer a touch of American cuisine and have a cult-following in Winston-Salem. To spice things up, try adding hummus, hot pepper chatta, and sriracha. The shawarma is grass-fed, organic beef that is low in fat and seasoned in a house-made, mouthwatering, spice and vinegar marinade.

‡ = Local, Grass-fed Beef
◊ = Vegetarian
◊◊ = Vegan

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The Mezza Menu – traditional small plates

The Arai-Yis Menu – pitas and burgers

The Attbach Menu - mediterranean entrees

The Ahtfal Menu – children 12 and under, please

The Hilwayett Menu – sweets

‡ = Local, Grass-fed Beef
◊ = Vegetarian
◊◊ = Vegan

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